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Employment Law – Changes to look out for in 2019

Gender pay gap reporting and claims of sexual harassment in the workplace made 2018 a very busy year for employment law, and 2019 promises very much the same, as ...

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Do I get paid if I miss work because of extreme weather?

Your rights to take a paid day or two off work when snow stops you from getting to work Snow usually disrupts a regular commute to work. The question is, "what rights do you have when you are snowed in?" The first snow of this year has fallen in the North East of England, pred...

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How we can help! Aeris Employment Law Services

How we can help!

We are a proactive and hands-on, national law firm, we take a national approach and our customer base comes from all over England and Wales. With great technical experience and an established track record of getting positive results for our customers. Aeris Employment Law solicitors offer pragmat...

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changes to employment law in 2019 | Aeris Employment Law

Important changes to employment law in 2019 to look out for

Changes to employment law in 2019

There are some big changes to employment law next year and they could have a considerable impact on how much you will be paid. The new year is a busy month for lots of businesses, and 2019 will be no different, with some big development...

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gender pay gap | Aeris Employment Law services

Gender Pay Gap

A recent survey from the Equality and Human Rights Commission reveals that almost two-thirds of women (61%) when applying for a job, take an employer’s gender pay gap into account. Over half of those women express that a gender pay gap would lower the...

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Co-op loses an equal pay and unfair dismissal claim by one of its HR directors

It took a three-year legal battle for Sam Walker, a former Co-op HR director, to win her unfair dismissal and equal pay claim against her former employers, the Co-operative. The Co-op told Sam Walker she ha...

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employment tribunal statistics

Latest employment tribunal statistics

Latest employment tribunal statistics for unfair dismissal and discrimination claims The latest employment tribunal statistics for unfair dismissal and discrimination claims have been published by the Ministry of Justice which cover the period from April to June 2018.  The headlines are as follow...

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sickness management aeris employment law

Sickness management for small companies

Sickness Management for small companies!
Whether you run...

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A forever changing world: employment law and the ‘gig economy’

What are the real legal implications of the 'gig economy'? The employment world is changing rapidly. Developments are being fuelled by technology and the drive toward a flexible and adaptable workforce. As a result, we have seen a sharp increase in those working in what has been ...

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What is the gig economy?

What is the Gig Economy?


The phrase the ‘gig economy’ is increasingly being seen in the press and often it is referred to in employment disputes. What does it actually mean though?  It is probably best summed up as a trend towards a working environment w...

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